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1. Our Experience
Over 30 years of groundwork have established our company as one of the largest and most well-known manufacturers in the Chinese industry for tube mill lines. Our solid reputation and long history of excellence have garnered the confidence of customers from around the world. Join us, in the making of a legacy!

2. Our Certifications
We operate in strict adherence to the ISO9001 Quality Control System. Our technical capacity is of nationally advanced levels. Extensive cooperation with universities and research institutions enables the manufacturing of high quality products that are in full conformance with GMC and ISO9001 standards.

3. Premium Materials
Top-grade raw materials (e.g., Cr12, Qt50, 20CrMnTi, 40Cr.) are utilized for the added durability and enhanced performance of our equipment. Approximately 90% of all m mechanical components are manufactured independently by our company.

4. Quality Assurance
In contrast to many other machinery manufacturers in China, we do NOT skip any steps of the production cycle. The entire manufacturing process is supervised and regulated by a proficient technical staff to ensure production integrity.

5. Advanced Equipment
State-of-the-art equipment allows us to work with high precision. We are able to customize machines in accordance with your specifications.

6. Considerate Service
Our professionally trained sales team can ensure the quality and performance of all of your purchases. Orders and inquiries are diligently handled. We will assist you in choosing the ideal machine to best suit your needs and requirements. As a mature enterprise, we have placed extra emphasis on after-sales services.

7. Total Solutions
Our technical and sales departments work in conjunction to bring you optimized solutions that are specifically designed to meet your business standards.

We strongly encourage customers to visit us on-site for guided tours and personalized consultations!

Metal Forming Machine
  • Double Layer Roll Forming Machine Double layer roll forming machine features stable performance, high forming speed, and compact structure. Our double layer roll forming equipment is designed with two different kinds of rolls arranged on different levels. The lines have one uncoiler and one cutoff die, which can be adjusted up and down to suit the two product heights ...
  • Cassette Raft Type Roll Forming Machine Cassette raft type roll forming machine has a mill bed on which the drive is located and the interchangeable plates are placed. Hydraulic pushers and clamps are equipped to reduce tool change time. Four lifting lugs are attached to the plates resulting in good balance. A gear reduction box is located at each forming station ...