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Services & Support
We strive to minimize the duration of unplanned and costly downtimes. Our service team is guaranteed to respond within 12h of the initial incident. Total solutions are provided within a 48h timeframe. Whenever or wherever you need support, we are at always your services.

Pre-sale Service
Our sales and technical personnel can provide personalized solutions based on the individual preferences of each customer. Contact us today for a free consultation! We will introduce you to machines that have been optimized to fit your business requirements. Conceptual design and logistic planning is also available upon request.

In-Sale Service
Our professional sales team is on standby to ensure the quality and integrity of your purchase. All orders and inquiries are meticulously handled to save you both time and money. Detailed and comprehensive consultations are available. We strive to provide high cost-performance products for all of our valued clientele.

After-Sale Service
Our skilled technicians can be commissioned for on-site installation, staff training, and general troubleshooting.

During warranty period, we have the following clauses for wearing parts:
a. If the wearing parts are broken, clients should sent us the file (including photos, pictures or videos) of broken parts. We will offer free maintenance or replacement service, once the provided files can approve it is natural quality problem.
b. If the wearing parts are damaged for equipment misused or overload, we are not responsible for free replacement.
During warranty period, we have the following clauses for host:
a. If equipment is not regulated in accordance with manual operation, or damaged for unexpected factors, we are not in charge of free maintenance or replacement.
b. If the Info like photos, pictures and videos, provided by customers, can approve there is natural quality problem with host, and that is the main factor caused it to break down, we will offer free maintenance or replacement service.

We welcome you to contact us for further information at Roll Forming Machinery Company!

Metal Forming Machine
  • High Precision Stainless Steel Tube Mill Line RF series high-precision stainless steel tube mill line can be generally divided into three types, including RF20 type, RF40 type and RF60 type, each with different specifications. RF20 precision stainless steel tube mill line can produce welded tubes with a diameter ofΦ8-25.4mm and a wall thickness of 0.5-1.0mm.
  • Steel Pipe Welding Line Steel pipe welding line is designed to produce welded pipes with O.D. 50-114mm and thickness 1.5-5.0mm, as well as square and rectangular pipes. Our welding lines feature compact structure, reliable performance, simple operation and long life-span.